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You best jump far


I took mum to the hospital this afternoon. She was weak and dizzy from what we expect will be a bleeding ulcer. She got stuck four times trying to start an IV. They're keeping her overnight and they will do a colonoscopy in the morning. I think they should also do an endoscopy too, but sadly my opinion counts for little in the face of professionals. She was in good spirits when I left around 9:30. She was finally brought to her room after waiting for 6 hours. Dad's concerned but not too much as he stayed home. We will visit her in the morning.

So think positive thoughts and send good vibes.


Popped over from Allie's journal. I didn't realise her baby was on lj ;-)
Thanks for the update. I shall send many positive thoughts yours and Allie's way.
I love your userinfo - Im ridiculously obsessive too - it's nice to see someone who is brave proud to come out with it!