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You best jump far


I took mum to the hospital this afternoon. She was weak and dizzy from what we expect will be a bleeding ulcer. She got stuck four times trying to start an IV. They're keeping her overnight and they will do a colonoscopy in the morning. I think they should also do an endoscopy too, but sadly my opinion counts for little in the face of professionals. She was in good spirits when I left around 9:30. She was finally brought to her room after waiting for 6 hours. Dad's concerned but not too much as he stayed home. We will visit her in the morning.

So think positive thoughts and send good vibes.


She's getting out today. She didn't want me to post again. She would rather explain things. She's doing much, much better.
Hi Amy,

Thanks for the update! I'm so relieved to hear your mom is getting out of the hospital today and is feeling better than she was. I can understand she wants to write her own update about the situation...that makes perfect sense. If you think of it, and feel up to it, please give her my best wishes. (((((Allie))))) and (((((Amy too!))))) Thank you so much, Amy.

Take care,