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Ok I know a few people on my flist have not enjoyed this season of Heroes, but I have been loving it. This episode was brilliant. It moved at a faster pace then I would have liked, but the ends justified the means. There was action and reunions and revenge.

Peter- Normally I am not a incest approving person, but Peter is so in love with Nathan. I expected them to start frenching at one point. I am so glad that Peter was able to stop the virus. I'm a little confused exactly how that translates to the future. Because the timeline has changed. The virus doesn't get released. Does Irish girl just return to Ireland? Or will parallel worlds exist (the way it should according to entropy)?

Hiro- I didn't think he would have something like that in him. But if his future self is any indication (again think of entropy) then he needed to rid himself of the meek Hiro to fulfill his destiny.

Molly- poor little thing is going to grow up so traumatized. First her Sylar kills her parents. Next she's a guinea pig for the Company. Then Matt's father locks her in a nightmare. Then Maya nearly kills her. Then she witnesses Sylar shoot Maya. This kid is going to need serious therapy.

Sylar- he's back. I don't like Sylar. He makes a really good villian. Which seems an fitting way to head into volume three.

I love Chuck. I adore the actor that plays him. His smile is like a million megawatts. I am so thrilled that the show will be back.

Love. Love Agent Casey. The scene with him and his car was fabulous. Despite only have seen a little less then a dozen episodes, you really get an idea of who the character is. this does apply to all of them really. That's just good writing and acting. (damn writers' strike) I hope that I wasn't just hopeful that he hesitated when he was told he may have to terminate Chuck. However I still want to call him Jayne.

I am so glad the writers gave Morgan a girlfriend. He was getting annoying. Now he can annoy Anna instead of Chuck.

I need a Chuck icon. Or Agent Casey.

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