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Yesterday I got a call from I had entered a contest there about a week or so ago- I got picked as a finalist. But to win- you had to show up. So I did. Out of 100 finalists- only 16 showed. Better odds anyway. But still not great. I didn't win the concert tickets to Bon Jovi or to Bruce Springsteen. I didn't win the cellular phone (which I really could have used). Now what did I win. I won a signed autograph of Joe Andruzzi. What the fuck man? I don't even like football. well, much.
So anyways. I came home and my brother was here. He brought over his wedding pictures. The kids were restless. I discovered my new nephew enjoys LOTR. Found it playing on Starz- the EE. which he never saw. so he was happy- except for the noise we made gushing politely over my brother's wedding pictures.
I finally got feeders for Jack. Man was he ever hungry. I usually let the bag sit in the water for about 1/2 hour to get the temperature equal- but as soon as I set it in, he attacked it and tore a hole. So I had to empty the bag. He immediately grabbed one and tore it apart. He usually doesn't eat in front of me. So I knew he was starving. (mental note to self- I gotta pay more attention to Jack.)
Whatelse? Oh- Sean - Fucker he is. He kept ringing my extention yesterday and hanging up. He wouldn't admit it. So I got even. I taped over the ball of his mouse. I hid his glasses, I hid his pens. and I hid his file cabinet key. Come Monday Morning, he's gonna be like what the fuck. Hee hee.
Well that's about all that's worth sharing.

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