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Gabrielle - xxx_xena_icons


Happy Friday!!

I made an impulse buy last night. I am getting this. (I got it through a different website offering it for free with activation. It was picked up for shipping according to Fed ex tracking.

I'm actually kinda scared. I know. I know. Silly. But I have had a pay as you go phone for almost the last two years. I have a lot faith that I'm not going to be going anywhere from my job anytime soon. but to have a monthly bill. eeps. But I wanted it. Despite the fact I hate talking on the phone.

Anyhoo... I want some holiday icons. But I don't feel like making any... Anyone care to make me something. Looking you irradiated. =D


CrackBlackBerry's are awesome! I love my curve.
OOh. Dat's purdy. Is it as big as it looks? despite looking at the dimensions, i'm too tired to figure it out.
Well, my last phone was a Razr. Compared to that, the Curve is wider since it has the full keyboard, but its totally worth it for the full keyboard. Plus it still fits in my pocket just fine.
can do. :)

nice Phone

That's pretty cool Sis just pace yourself with it and you'll be fine :) Love Ya Brian