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You best jump far



went out shopping with mom today. Got a number of of xmas gifts and everyday stuff. Now I'm sore. But I have my drink on; so it's all good.

Though my mood may read drunk. I am only slightly buzzed. There isn't a current mood for that though.

I feel like I should have more to say. but it doesn't matter. Hardly anyone comments anymore. (that's really not a dig- just fact) Did you know, not one of you lot congratulated me on getting a job after five months of unemployment.

No matter. my life. My journal. If I want to post about random nothingness, then that's what I'll do. =P


I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you on the new job, I read it and wanted to, but then I forgot. I've been very, very out of it the past weeks. Sorry. :-/
I'm sorry I get both brazen and stoopid when alcohol is consumed. You don't have to apologize. I know what you've been going through and the last thing anyone should be worried about is anyone else but yourself.