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You best jump far


Sorry I came off as kind of a bitch in my last post. It wasn't intentional. I just had good news and felt that no one cared.

Anyway. I really like my job.

note to self- buy more ice melt tomorrow or fall and go boom again.


I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you. I get so out of it sometimes, and with all the crap lately. Not that its an excuse.
I'm glad you're enjoying it!
I haven't been reading my flist much, eek! But congrats on the new job - and more importantly, hurray that you're liking it! :D
no worries. i think we all get caught up in our own stuff -- i rarely get comments anymore too, but i'm an egomaniac and write mostly for myself. it's easy to forget i have a limited audience.

i'm happy you dig your job. that's a tough thing to come by these days.