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What stress?  / krankykitty_missourigirl


I hadn't even had my new phone 24 hours and I dropped it on the ground this morning when I got out of my car. Thankfully nothing broke. I've spent a better part of the night trying to figure out how to put music and pictures on my phone. I should have just realised that it was just like putting them on my MP3 player. *smacks forehead* Duh!

My downstairs neighbor cleaned the driveway and my stairs of any leftover ice. Of course; it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Bugger. I love New England.

Tomorrow is a xmas party at a restaurant after work. Luckily both work and the restaurant are close, but I still hate the fact I have to drive in snow period. I wanna go just because I am starting to get closer to more people at work; I'd like to experience people outside of work.


This year has been a sucky year medically for my family. Grandpa may have had a minor stroke last night. Apparently he was babbling and not responding to my grandmother. Grandma called my parents and despite my mother's insistence at calling 911; she had a list of other things that she felt needed to be done instead. Mom called 911 on their behalf. Brought Grandpa to the hospital. From last I heard, Grandpa was still in the hospital and undergoing a battery of tests.

While sending positive thoughts my Grandfather's way, I'd like you also send positive thoughts towards stefsoleil and her mom. (((*big hugs*)))


1) I totally understand about the phone. I had my last phone for just over 3 years and like dropped it maybe once. I've had my new phone for maybe 2 months and have dropped it at least twice. What is it with new phones?

2) I'm so sorry about your Grandpa. Keeping him and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
I dropped my phone a couple of days after I got it, too. I see it was a way of baptising it.

Thank you for the thoughts, and I'm definitely thinking of your grandfather, too!
i dropped my phone for the first time the other day, and the battery (which is encased inside its own shell-like thing) popped right off. i was pretty peeved, mostly at myself.

sorry about your grandpa. i'll keep him in my thoughts.
I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope he gets better soon *sends happy thoughts your way*