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You best jump far


My day:

Today was a busy day.

Went to my Auntie Lil's for an early Christmas gathering. I got a great gift. A photo album that had some pictures already in it. Some pictures I'd never seen before. There was a sample from virtually everything. A few baby pics, pics of my brother and I, pics of my aunt and her late husband, my brother's wedding and one of my in my ballet outfit from @1983. Very nice. We had pizza and cheesecake.

My parents also gave me an early xmas present. A $50 Regal Cinema gift card! Freaking awesome, especially since there are so many movies coming out I want to see.

After my aunt's we dropped off Dad and went to shopping and to the movies. We went to Walmart because I needed ice melt. They were sold out. I bought a cheap bag of kitty litter to tide me over. In line we had the worst cashier. She was rude to my mother- who paying for her purchase of gift cards separately. She didn't even acknowledge my mother despite her standing right in front of her holding out the gift cards for her to take. Then when it was my turn, she didn't even acknowledge me either. Then she made a screwed-up face and looked like she was about to vomit. I was so appalled by the service I had to speak to a manager. I would never do that unless it was really bad. It was really bad.

Enough of that.

We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Finally a simple to follow kids movie. No complicated plot points. Just fun, music and helium filled voices. Did you know Justin Long was the voice of Alvin? I find that bit of information really amusing. I have to wonder if the speaking voices for the Chipmunks also did the singing? I know Jesse MaCartney was Theodore, so probably... I really enjoyed the movie. I downloaded the soundtrack earlier this week, I finally got around to listening to it. It's good, Definitely a modern flare to it. However a few of the songs in the movie are sung a cappella; I guess it was too much to hope they would be that way on the soundtrack. Eh.

Here is the soundtrack in case anyone wants it.

I am so freaking cold right now. I am in my jammies and my hoodie. With the hood over my head.

Watching LotR- The Two Towers on TNT. I should make tomorrow trilogy Sunday and watch the EE back to back.


Good Morning!!!

I love your icon. I borrowed it (hope you don't mind). I was too tired last night to make my own. Loved the movie, btw, good comic relief!

I took my brother to see Alvin and the Chipmunks last night! It was better than I had thought it would be actually. DO you mind if I download the soundtrack? I was actually going to go look for it :-)
Oh by all means. I uploaded it to share with everybody. (I agree that the movie was better then I thought it would be)
i watch the LOTR trilogy all the way through at least once a year with my dad. this year we had to split up the marathon over two days because we were both really sick and the thought of sitting through another 3 hours of ROTK was horrifying :/

it's cold here too! goddamnit. i think the midwest and northeast are getting it way worse than we are out here on the left coast, though.
I am so unmotivated today. So I am just watching extremely edited versions on TNT. I should be out cleaning off my car. Mother Nature dropped another 7 or 8 inches on us today.