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You best jump far

Voice Post

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“Apparently. I have Monday off and nobody thought to tell me. I found out the hard way when everyone was leaving and wishing each other Merry Christmas and I'm thinking to myself, I get the impression that we're not gonna see each other for Christmas Eve. So I go up to my supervisor to catch her just before we're leaving and ask her. I say, are we here on Monday? And she says no we're not, no one told you and sarcasm. It wouldn't be so bad if I were a permanent employee because then at least I would get paid but I'm not permanent employee I'm a temp then I don't get paid for both Monday and Tuesday which pisses me off. Any who.”

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yea work sucks around mandantory no-work holidays. my company is an outsourcing center and our parent company does not want us to work xmas eve so we have no option, however the outsourced company we physically work at does not recognize it as a holiday so no pay! i had to submit a form to use my vacation time I have a whole 10 hours) just so my next check isn't short.