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I was supposed to be babysitting tonight. But Sharlene's sister got rushed to the ER and she turned out having to babysit for her sister's 4 kids. She offered for me to come over, but she said it would just be hectic with the kids. I'm going to babysit on 1/12 when she and Sean go to his holiday party.

You know what kills me is that that song "apologize" by OneRepublic is about suicide, but on Dick Clark's Fucking New Year's Eve it's a dance/pop song. That just bugs me for some reason. Well a rather obvious reason, but whatever.

I've been sitting back and enjoying my alone time. Had a few pseudo mojitos. (rum, mojito mix and sprite- yum). I am amused that the suggested replacement for the word mojito is mitosis.

I'm staying up just late enough to catch my soap on soapnet.

I sat here for several minutes going over my icons and trying to determine what would be the best one to sum up 2007. I think that works.
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