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You best jump far


"Hey La?! "
"Oh bother. What do you want?"
"Wha cha doin'?"
"Oh not much. I made a few new icons. Finished a siggy for someone on L&BA. and now I'm writing a cd."
"What are you doing?"
"Oh I just watched 24 - Keifer Sutherland is soooo freaking hot."
"Isn't he though?"

*looks around and realizes there nothing more to say*

"well it was nice talking wit cha."
"Nice talking with you as well."
"see ya tomorra"
"Talk to you then"

*waves good-bye*


yes. keifer sutherland is gorgeous. *drools everywhere*
Ummm...La? Who were you talking to, sweetie?
That was an interesting chat!

I love your new icon!
Are you feeling lonely La? Do you need someone to talk?
If so, let me know. :-)
you talking with the voces again La'