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Opposites sides of the fence / magique_i

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Sick. Started last night. Major nausea. Today I had fever. Everything is so sore. Fever's starting to break. Sweating everywhere. I'm not sure if it's a virus or kidney infection. My back is killing me.

Got the TV yesterday. So happy. It's so big. I got to get a universal remote, because I need to be able to switch to video mode so I can watch DVD's.


So happy you got your BIG TV! That's great news!

So sorry you are sick. I've had nausea and stomachaches today too, but knowing me...it's just sympathy pains for you.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hope you will be better by then. Be sure to call me if you are worse....also call me if you are the same or better.

(((Big Hugs)))
Sorry to hear you're sick. At least you have a big TV to tide you over? GET WELL SOON, THAT IS AN ORDER.
That doesn't sound good. Take care of yourself, La!