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You best jump far

there is this girl at work named Stephanie. she sits on the opposite side of me two cubicles down. She has this habit of yelling at customers while the phone is on mute (so customers can't hear her yelling at them)...
So anyway. She drives me and Sean absolutely bonkers. Because her voice is so loud. The custoemr that we are on the phone with usually hears her. and we have to apologize and make excuses. Well supervisors have talked to her and told her to keep it down.
But she did it again this afternoon and I got sooo irked, I stood up and yelled over the cubicle walls for her to shut up. She hasn't spoken another word except to customers since.
Teach her to mess with me...

Oh yeah- I got the apartment!!!!! that made my day.


**Does *Z* snap** You go girl!! :D

Go you, remind me not to yell at people when your around (that means i cant drink alcohol, i always yell after that)

That definitely teaches her for screaming...*laughs*
Wow, great! I'd help you move in, but...
Hmm, maybe it's better for you to yell at co-workers than talk to yourself! :-)
ROTFL!! Go La! That is just hilarious! Damn glad you shut her up!