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+12 / or the truth of government bureaucracy

I went and had my taxes done after work. The state of Massachusetts owes me $45. I owe the federal government $47.

And that is just how my day has really been today.

I asked a question about one of our promotions at work yesterday. Today I spent a half hour training despite having the question answered. So I sat glassy eyed for a half while this woman just droned on and on.

This morning I got woken by a bird that sounded like it was right in the house. It was actually in the vent of my heating system. The fuckers are building a nest.

I had a dream I was sleep walking last night. Or I actually was, I don't know. I was talking to somebody in my bed (probably my pillow). I told them I didn't want to go to school. Nor apparently did I want vegetables in my pudding. ~.^ Yeah.

Well anyway. I am off to try and find a nice new Supernatural mood theme. I still love House, but right now the Winchesters own my soul. They might actually need it. ;-)

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