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So I started training on Monday for my second job. Training is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday's for two or three weeks. I'll tell ya, I'm like the energizer fucking bunny... I just keep going and going... I think collectively I have had 12 hours of sleep over the course of the week. I'm exhausted, but I feel the need to keep moving.

The unsettling dreams aren't helping any. What little sleep I've gotten this week has resulted in some twisted stuff in my brain. I won't go into details but just let me says this: stairs, nurses and silk may not sound especially thrilling, but my vivid imagination sure makes it that way.

Anyway. Work. It's been going good, for the most part. Both jobs. I'm kinda hating one of my co-workers at my full time job. I have no idea what exactly she does all day, but I'm the one who has been doing most of the work. It's really getting on my nerves. The new job, well it's tit work really. The computer system is simple enough. Calling will be easy. It's a good thing Sharlene is my boss, because we already got into an argument about proper grammar usage when leaving messages. I wouldn't have done that with a boss I didn't know.

What else? Oh, my car should be hitting 100,000 miles this weekend. I've never had a car do that. So it should be interesting.

Speaking of this weekend, going to a little get together that my brother and sister-in-law are having for my nephew who's home from Iraq for a month. However it means that I have to get my ass up early (there are church services involved) - on my birthday no less. But whatever. It's my family. What are ya gonna do.

Oh yeah, I wanted to share this little bit with you yesterday, but my blood was still kinda boiling so I never got around to it. Yesterday was gorgeous out. By late afternoon it had to have got to just about 70 degrees. I went to the laundry mat. The kids from the apartment complex next door to the laundry were running around with water guns having a good time. It was a little annoying because they kept running in and out of the laundry to fill their guns at the sink. But I figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Well anyway, I'm sitting in my car listening to music, windows open, smoking a butt, when one of the little fuckers came to the passenger side window and just shot a stream of ice cold water in my car, in my face... well the side of my head. I don't think he realized anyone was in the car because the look on his face turned to horror when he saw me and watched me get out of the car. I called him a little prick and told him if he or any of his friends comes near me or my car with a damn water gun again I was going to make them wash my car with tongues (don't ask- it was just what came out of mouth) ... The little kid was scared shitless and probably never ran home so fast in his life. I've resolved myself into the knowledge that I'm going to be like the scary cat lady who hates kids. I love babies, but I hate kids (ok, not all kids, but most of them).

So that's my week... I hope you're all well and good.

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