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You best jump far


In the immortal words of Walter Kornbluth - What a week I'm having!!

I went to Walmart after work. I needed to pick up a few things. I picked up a lightbulb for one that blew in the kitchen. I also picked up the innards for my toilet so that maybe I could finally flush it like a normal person does.

Well I installed the light bulb, which is on a track with another bulb. I turn on the light... the other one went out.


I decided to let that roll off my shoulders. And I started on the bathroom. Anyway... whomever installed the value body previously, screwed everything on too tight and I can't get the old one out. I finally managed to loosen it a bit, but I need counter force to hold the insides while I unscrew the washer under the toilet.... Called Sharlene. She couldn't track down one of her borthers, but her sister Melissa is coming.

While I am waiting, I thought I would grab a drink. I open the fridge and the metal bar that hold the stuff on the door fell off. Along with half my condiments.

I'm telling you. I never should have got up this morning.



I seriously think there's a full moon or something. The world is just wrong today.
ok so i have been staring at that mood icon for like 15 minutes trying to figure out what he's saying. i even got one of my friends to look at it too, haha. it's like i can't stop looking!