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Life sucks. Then your tv dies.

So that lovely new to me tv I got from Sean & Sharlene a few months ago... it just died. Painfully, I might add. For the last two weeks it had been randomly shutting off. I thought maybe it was some sort of built in protection from overheating or something, though it never felt hot. Now the picture just went out completely and this odd buzzing was being emitted. I thought it might actually explode. Seriously. After vacating the room for five minutes while the tv continued screeching, no explosion came. I finally got up the courage to go back in and pull the plug. The screeching stopped. I waited about twenty minutes before trying to plug it back it in. Soon as I did, it started screeching again.

WTF?! Seriously.

This is why I don't buy used things as a rule.

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