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Shoulder touch / greenleaf_freak


So I had a video of a performance of duet between Steve Carlson and Jason Manns from Eyecon. It was a cover song. I had put it up on youtube but had several requests to take it down. However at the same time, I have had several requests to put it back up.

So. I am putting it here as a link for individuals who chose to can download.

Via Megaupload


Here via Google Alerts. You are LOVE, and I'm definitely downloading this. Oh BOYS. ♥
Here via waterofthemoon and MSN; I too think you are LOVE and am downloading this.
Thanks so much hon...
Thanks so much for putting this up for download! I'm definitely interested to hear it. What song did they sing?

Thanks again!
They sang Stuck on You & Let's Get it On.
I think I melted when I saw this live. I had to turn to my friend and ask if it was real.
Here via Superwiki.

Downloading now...
How did I get on Superwiki. I don't even know how to do that... eh... that's cool.
Thank you