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Coming undone / bruisedcreation


I got laid off. Again. Second time this year. After 51 years our company is closing (closed). Everyone is gone. Very bittersweet.

Time to update my resume.

Hopefully, I can get another job quickly.

The way the economy is going... probably not so much.



I'm sooo sorry to hear this! Hopefully it's a sign that something better is about to come along in your future.
Thanks. I have my first interview on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed.
So sorry hun! I can't believe it. It's just not fair. I hope you do find a job really soon. Times are tough, but hopefully you'll find another job and have things go back on track for you. :/ *hugs*
Thanks. I have an interview on Tuesday. I'm hoping for the best.
I'm sorry to hear that :(
The company I work for has been around for 75+ years and I'm worried that doesn't mean anything these days :/
Thanks. I think the hardest part is that it was family owned and now they have nothing to show for it.
:/ I am so sorry!! ♥ GAH the economy. Seriously. :(
I know they tried to make things work, even tried for the first time to get an investor, but things just didn't pan out.

Anyway, I have an interview Tuesday, so here's to hoping that they want me and they want to pay me what I need to survive.
that sucks. it's bad news all around -- all the stuff i read every day is depressing. and i'm not looking forward to this upcoming earnings reportage cycle.

in any case, i wish you the best of luck. *hugs*