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*palm face* / mata090680


The time zone difference is freaking me out!! What worse is the alarm clock in my room is 5 minutes slow and there is no way to change it.

I walked over to the Target next door (er- sorta next door. There is a huge arena parking lot between the hotel and the Target shopping center). Got a few things like bottled juices and potato chips (because I haven't had potato chips in almost 6 months). I got a nice chicken ceaser salad from their cafe.

The old television and writers desk.

King size bed. It looks comfy, don't it? It ain't.

The bathroom. Just because it is almost as small as my own at home.

The view out of my window, complete with passing plane.

Don't you wish you were here?


Hi! Thanks for sharing pictures of your room. I see why you say it looks antiquated. But, it's not bad, as hotel rooms go. Sorry to hear the bed is not comfy. The bathroom has the same set-up as the one in Florida, but I see what you mean about it being very small. And...Oh look... a plane coming in for a landing, a huge billboard, and a parking lot. I think we might have been a tad spoiled at the hotel in Florida.

Glad to know, though, that Target is close-by.

I can see why the time zone difference is difficult. Just when we changed times here to standard, my whole system got thrown off, especially about times to eat.

I just hope once you settle in, you'll feel some comfort there.

Love you,
HI AND WELCOME TO MY CITY!!! I'm actually not going to the Con this weekend (even though I wish I could) So have lots of fun on my behalf.
Stay tuned for pictures... =) I plan to take a lot of pretty pictures. Make you feel like you're right here.
You're about 5 minutes away from my mother-in-law's house where Bill grew up! I can tell from the Allstate Arena and the planes. We shop at that Target when we're in Des Plaines! :D Which hotel are you at?
I'm right next door to the arena at the Wyndham hotel. I walked across the arena parking lot to go to that Target. It had a liquor aisle. They don't have those at the Target's in Massachusetts. Very nice.