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*palm face* / mata090680


The time zone difference is freaking me out!! What worse is the alarm clock in my room is 5 minutes slow and there is no way to change it.

I walked over to the Target next door (er- sorta next door. There is a huge arena parking lot between the hotel and the Target shopping center). Got a few things like bottled juices and potato chips (because I haven't had potato chips in almost 6 months). I got a nice chicken ceaser salad from their cafe.

The old television and writers desk.

King size bed. It looks comfy, don't it? It ain't.

The bathroom. Just because it is almost as small as my own at home.

The view out of my window, complete with passing plane.

Don't you wish you were here?


Stay tuned for pictures... =) I plan to take a lot of pretty pictures. Make you feel like you're right here.