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Alec on a bike / jaobsessed


Sleep. What is this sleep you speak of?

First official day of the con has begun and ended. Twas a good day. I've met numerous people. I've had a lot of good laughs and a little disappointment.

The day started with the Q&A for Gabriel Tigerman (AKA Andy Gallagher). He is such a cutie. He would be asked a question and completely veer off subject. But as an audience member you really didn't care, because he just kept things light and amusing.

Next was Steve Carlson's Q&A. Not as amusing, but still interesting. Did you know he's writing a musical? I didn't.

After Steve's Q&A was my first photo op and that was with Gabriel. It was so quick. Literally, walk up, say hi, smile, flash and bye. I spaced and forgot to pick up my photo. I'll be doing that later today.

After was Richard Speight Jr. (AKA the Trickster). He was amusing as well. Very well spoken. Very expressive in both face and body. He told a great little story about accidentally going to the wrong trailer and being surprised to be faced with Jared's dogs. We'll see if anyone can top that over the course of the weekend.

Then came the autograph session. I'm glad it wasn't rushed. They were able to personalize each autograph (at least for the gold and silver patrons- I think the time got so late for the general admission people that they just started signing just their names). I'm having my season 2 DVD's signed. The actual DVD's. Each disc has an episode that each actor has appeared on. So, each actor will get to sign one DVD. Except Jared & Jensen. They'll sign either my calender that I bought or the back of my ticket. My autograph from Gabe reads "Amy, Lots of Andy, Love Gabriel Tigerman". So cute.

After the autograph session, I met for dinner with a lovely young woman I met named Gina. She's from Philly. Like me, she's here alone, so we thought we'd share dinner. =) The restaurant had specials named after the Supernatural world, including The Jared burger, the Jensen fillet, the evil demon corned beef pannini (which is what I had) and the mysterious Lilith something or another. They also had Sam-tinis (martini's), Dean-ita's (margarita's), and Purple Nurples. Which are neither purple nor nurple. But let's not get too picky.

Following dinner, I went to the Steve Carlson concert. I do love Steve Carlson, but I have seen him twice now and despite repeated requests to play my favorite song, he hasn't. He did play one that I would consider within my top three, but not favorite. Even though in between each song I yelled it out. =(

After the Steve Carlson concert they had karaoke in the bar where we had dinner. I went in only for a few drinks. The girl next me was slightly intoxicated. Plus she had a tongue ring and an accent, so it took a few tries to understand what she was saying. Richard came over and was waiting ever so patiently for a bartender to take his drink order. He stood next to the girl next me. I somehow become her translator because after she said something to him, he would look to me like what is she talking about. So that was interesting.

I got back to my room about midnight. I slept till four. I couldn't fall back to sleep because my nose is stuffy and my throat is scratchy. So I figured I'd post.

Despite being alone, I'm not truly. I've managed to meet some wonderful people. I met Lodi from France. I've seen her three time today and the last two times she hugged me. =) I met Jan and Kelly, a mother and daughter from southern Illinois. I met a nice couple from Milwaukee, though their names escape me at the moment. I met a nice man at the bar. He never gave me his name, so I'm going to call him Jack. He introduced me to a new drink he called the Jackalope. And finally I met Tammy. She is a volunteer coordinator and head of security for Creation. A few people I've spoken to seem put off by her. But I get a kick out of her. She's told some wonderful stories about her experiences working cons. She's careful not to drop names but she was really entertaining.

So that has been a brief rundown of my first day. I've downloaded the pictures (no video) to my computer. I'll go through sometime soon and get them uploaded so I can share.



Hi Amy! I was really happy to hear about your first day! It sounds like it was a lot of fun! And, I am so glad you are meeting a lot of new friends. I was following your schedule, and was thinking of where you might be and what you might be doing, at times. Sunday will probably be the busiest and best day with Jensen & Jared!

Your Dad and I are happy you're having a good time!

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Take care.

Mom & Dad
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

"I do love Steve Carlson, but I have seen him twice now and despite repeated requests to play my favorite song, he hasn't."

I once talked to him, and asked him to play my favorite song (his concert was that evening). But he told me he couldn't play that song with just his acoustic guitar (he probably could, but he doesn't think it sounds very good when played that way). And a friend of mine also once asked for a song before a concert (this was at a different concert and a different song) and his responds was again; no sorry, that song with just an acoustic guitar doesn't sound very good, the musical part in between is too long, it will get boring.
So I don't know which song you asked for, and I don't know enough about music to judge whether or not a song would sound good when played with only an acoustic guitar. But something like that might be the reason why he didn't play your request.
Thanks for the report. If I ever went to a convention I would be by myself. It's nice to know people are friendly.

The fact your parents were the first to comment rock!