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Day three. Sunday. The day. Jared and Jensen Day. I have no real words to express the kind of day I've had. So let me try to explain.

I'm going to cut since it is fairly long.

As a gold ticket holder, I was entitled to the breakfast which Jensen and Jared would appear together prior to their appearances anywhere else. The hotel allowed ticket holders to wait in order to get the best seats. No problem. Really. Where we sat was perfect. We were in the far corner. And because there was no one behind us, we could stand and not have to worry about blocking people.

I should have prefaced this with the knowledge that my little group consists of Gina, whom I met Friday evening, Maria has sat next to me, and Janet and Lynsey, a mother and daughter from England. This is good to know since my report will mention these people.

Anyhoo. It was agreed last night that we wouldn't wait overnight in line but would get up early. I was up at 5:15 despite setting my clock for six. I was the first in our group to get in line. The line wasn't terribly huge, but still pretty long. One by one, they came and joined me in line.

The room opened and we picked our seats. The back table in the far corner. It was the perfect spot for the reasons I indicated previously. Breakfast was traditional continental fare, including very runny scrambled eggs and warm orange juice. ;)

Our table mates were terribly nice. We had the two top winners of the costume party including the very lovely Joey who made the most impressive costume, as Bloody Mary.

Breakfast was finished quickly and cleared just as quickly. And then moment everyone was waiting for. The boys.

My goodness, they are truly beautiful. I met Jared in Florida, but seeing him with Jensen, I felt like I was kinda unworthy. They were funny and serious and obviously the best of buds. They bantered back and forth for about 15 minutes. I snapped a lot of pictures, but the lighting was sucky, so we'll see how well they truly came out.

Anyway, right after breakfast was the photo ops. Jared, then Jared & Jensen, finally just Jensen. I had a ticket for all three photo ops. Gina only had Jared and Jensen. Maria had only the duo and Jensen and Lynsey only had the duo. All three were very freaked out over the prospect and asked that I give them a push if they froze up. So with each I waited in line with them and made sure they made it through.

Jared was first. The man truly has the most beautiful smile. He is huge. Tall and solid muscle. I'm sure he said something to everyone who came in. To me, he said, "How you doing, sweetheart?" I could have melted on the spot.

Next was the duo op. I was slightly disappointed because I walked up and neither gave me any acknowledgement. They were talking to each other, over my head. Literally over my head, because they are so effing tall. I looked up at them to see if maybe they'd notice me at some point. They did, but still no hello's. They just bent lower and smiled and bam! picture taken. Not even a goodbye.

I was a little sore after that, but the individual photo with Jensen more then made up for the previous disappointment.

With Jensen, he was seated- Like Jared had been in his individual photo. I came up and slipped my arm around his back. However Jensen had kept his hands on his knees. I asked him if he didn't touch. He replied we were touching. I looked him up and down with a critical eye and he put his arm around my shoulder and asked if that was what I was looking for. I told him yes and he responded I should have been more specific. We laughed and photo taken. I was completely happy with that exchange. At least for a little while. I'll get more to that in a moment.

After the photo ops was the panels. Same order as the ops. Jared was on first. I don't know if he meant to, but he tripped getting on to the stage. One second he was there, next he was on the floor.

He was very lovely. A young woman had made it up to the microphone to ask a question and she just kinda broke down and quickly left the mike. Jared felt so badly he went down the aisle and gave her a hug.

There was two questions that I just felt were asked in an inappropriate forum. One question was something in regards to considering Sam a necropheliac. I cringed. The other question, I really cannot recall at the moment, but I remember just wanting to hide for Jared. He was an extremely good sport. He took it all in stride and managed to answer all the questions posed to him.

Then Jensen came out on stage and he "tripped" as well. His trip was definitely staged. But still amusing none the less. The two did manage to answer questions and banter at the same time. Again, how much they care for each other was evident. One would speak and the other would watch him, like they were truly interested in the answer.

When it was Jensen's turn, Jared took off his directors chair and then proceeded to take Jensen's. It was just a cute little exchange and I so wished I could have taken videos. Jensen had Gina and I rolling with laugter. I can't even remember what was so funny, but I was dying. Then he just said two words in a sentence "slipped on" and for what ever reason it sent us back into hysterics.

I took so many pictures, my battery died before his panel ended. I'm going to go through and pick out a few to post later.

After the panels, Gina and I went outside to have a cigarette. Somehow during this time, Janet passed out. And while we saw the cops & ambulance pull up, we didn't learn until later that it was her. We had spoken earlier prior to the breakfast about what would happen if they had a medical emergancy in the states. We explained that even without insurance, they would still have to be treated. They would either be billed or maybe the hospital would try to work it out with their government. We haven't heard anything on their status, but Gina and I will go down later to have the front desk try their room again.

Maria, Gina and I stood in line together for the autographs. Jensen was first. I asked him if that was how he signed his driver's license. (I don't know why- but that's what I asked him) he said yes and his credit cards and receipts and such. I thanked him and turned to Jared. He already signed my photo, so I didn't get a chance to say much to him except thank you. But he smiled big and that was good enough for me.

After thinking about it... I think that Jensen must think I'm a real bitch. First I get after him for not putting his arm around me then I practically critize his signature. I feel kinda of bad.

Things moved very quickly today. The whole day was one big adrenaline rush. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow.

I can't wait to get the pictures back. Except for maybe the duo photo. I know I didn't give a full smile. I was little upset that they hadn't even said hello to me, that I just kind of smirked at the camera.

I still want to post a report for Saturday. A few noteworthy lovely experiences with Samantha and Jason. I'll try to get to it tomorrow.

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