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You best jump far


From Left to right. Maria, Lynsey, Gina, Janet, me.

From the breakfast.

I love how they look at each other.

That smile. Those dimples.

Just a really lovely shot.

Jensen after joining Jared on stage.

That laugh. I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Jensen is just so broad. And the eyebrow.

Jensen was pointing to his bicep because Jared had been asked a question something along the lines of what he wished he had... or something.

Jensen as he listens to Jared talking.

Just... yeah.

That smile. He is a beautiful man.

Jensen looked like he was having an orgasm. =)

The man is just beautiful.

I mean really beautiful.



I got to touch him and he touched me. =)

*does a little dance*
the last pic is just really truly gorgeous. Wow, pure beauty
I love that last shot too. So much I made it into an icon. =)
yeah, i saw :)
i just can't stop stare at it - it's like piece of art, want to print it and put on my desk. Babe, can you send it to me in higher resolution if you have? *shy*
you're really lucky to be able to make this one
Here is downloadable original 1.1MB file.

This truly is my favorite image that I took through the whole event. It just happened someone else with a really powerful flash took a picture at the same time and the head of the person in front of me got slightly in the way. But the serene look on his face is what makes it so perfect.