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More Con randomness

- Jared scratched his nose with the microphone. He said that it was no big deal since he would give the mike to Jensen when he came out. Then he proceeded to rub the microphone under his armpits like deodorent.

- When Jensen got on stage with Jared, he took Jared's hat off his head. He threatened to throw the hat into the audience. He didn't.

- The guy who played Tiny in the episode "Folsom Prison Blues" was there. I think he's the boy's bodyguard. Just speculation. No proof. But he did trail the boys everywhere.

- After the boys signed the con banners, they threw the pens into the audience. The one Jared threw, hit a guy (Mike- who is two rooms down from me) square in the chest.

- They had auctions on Saturday and Sunday. There were people who purchased banners for like $500. And there were people who made multiple purchases. I bid twice on a lot of Supernatural merchandise. Price got too high. I bid on a 4 autographed photos from Andy Serkis, Billy Boyd, John Noble and Sean Astin. I won. $40 paid. Not bad. Considering they were selling for $30 each.

- I bought two Supernatural shirts and a 2009 calender.

- Jared likes the word ipecac. Yup.

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