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B&W laugh / raths_kitten


This is the one I was telling about previously that they were talking over my head.

I was so close to asking Jared to take off the hat. But he does look good. Look at that smile.

Speaking of smiles. Don't you love when his smile makes his eyes crinkle?

For me, this was the best picture I took all weekend. Gabriel is such the cutie.

Man boobs. *giggles* But don't the glasses just make him look ... nice.

I wasn't a big fan of Samantha's hair, but she was the sweetest person.

Jensen's signature. I had him sign the back of my ticket, like I had Jared signed the back of my lanyard at Eyecon.

I'm home. I'm tired. I didn't get in till after 1am. The thing about getting home so late -er- early is that you want to unpack, but you're so effing tired that you have to sleep or pass out. There was enough of that this weekend.

Second problem. I'm starving.

I need a shower. Cigarettes. A strong drink.

I want to go back next year. I had a lot of fun.


Guhhhhh gorgeouuuuuuus.
Aren't they just?

BTW- I love that icon. It's amazing how much of story can be told with just a shot of feet.
Jared's smile looks so genuine, i love it =)

Thanks! It's really a gorgeous shot.
WOW! You touched them and they touched you!!! Gorgeous pictures! You look so happy in all of them!
Very happy. Yes. =)
I love your photo ops! Dude you got hug from Jensen! He hug me =( next year, lol. It was so nice to meet you. Im going to make a post soon with pictures, did you mind if i put ours up??
No. I don't mind at all. Looking forward to your pictures. From the looks of things, your camera got some really great shots.