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I'm still kinda riding the high from Chicago. I 've been on youtube for last hour or so trying to find videos and relive the memories.

This isn't one of my videos but I'm glad someone got it. Around the 5 minute mark you'll hear the question about what the boys fears. Then you'll hear someone in the audience yell "boo". That was me.

It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

I'm also working on uploading my videos from the breakfast. The only ones I took. I just reviewed them. Some of them aren't great because I am laughing so hard the camera is shaking. But whatever.

I spent all day yesterday with Sharlene and the babe. The kid is smart. I gave her a playful smack on the bottom and she turns to me and says "Why you have to do that? I love you." Jaw meet floor.

She still manages to amuse me with little things like getting stuck in a laundry basket full of blocks and dolls.

Here she is asking me to get her out.

I replied, only if you smile for me.

I see here growing up to be the life of frat parties.

Or a gymnast.

Or perhaps a computer geek.

It won't really matter. She'll have fun doing just about anything.


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