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You best jump far


Oh yay. My TXTLJ works.

I am a Supernatural junkie. I admit it.

I convinced ma that we should go to the next convention in Cherry Hill, NJ in March. We purchased our tickets on Saturday. Wouldn't you know that three days after mom & I get tickets for Cherry Hill that this gets announced. Ma wanted to get back to Florida. If the Eyecon weren't in March along with Cherry Hill, maybe we could swing it. But noooo. Unless I win the lotto, Cherry Hill is going to be my only con for 2009.


Supposed to get snow overnight tonight. Should be better then the ice storm last Friday.

The reason for my power going out.

That's all I got for now.



Oi vey, what a mess! Stay warm and safe :D
It's just as well we got our tickets already for NJ. Even though I loved Florida, I wouldn't have wanted to go again this soon (in March)... maybe March in 2010, though. Who knows. Wow, these cons keep popping up all over, don't they!