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Work gave us the option of leaving early because of the storm. I took the option and left work at 1. It had just starting spitting snow. I managed to get a few errands in before it really started coming down. I went to the liquor store to get some Jack and cigarettes. Stopped at the gas station to fill my tank. And then a quick jaunt to the grocery store to grab a few odds & ends.

The snow is really coming down now. I'm already sick of winter.

I'm thinking of making this weekend a LOTR trilogy weekend. I can't believe it's been seven years since the FotR was released. Life is just cruising by.



Oooh, stay safe and warm!

I think I'm going to make Christmas my LOTR trilogy day :D
I can't believe it's been more then 2 years since I have sat down and watch all three movies. It's a damn shame.

This LOTR day/weekend thing is a good idea.

Stay warm! A bottle of Jack sounds really good right now. Or vodka.
Just me and my good friend Jack kicking back. Watching the trilogy. keeping warm. Probably the best xmas present I could give myself.
Holy shit I can't believe it's been 7yrs since FotR!!! It feels like it just came out like 2yrs ago! Happy viewing.

I love snow but when you live in the city only the first day of snowfall is nice. After that it's a bloody mess.
I know, huh? However I feel deep shame when I realize that it's been two years since I sat and watched the films. If it weren't for LotR I would not be where I am today. No. Seriously.

Well after 28 1/2 hours later. It finally stopped. We got at least 15 inches. Plus we're supposed to get another few tomorrow. So unless global warming gets kicked into overdrive, we'll have a very white xmas.

BTW- did you get your computer back? Are you feeling better? Are you going to make it Cherry Hill? even for the day?

*gives you big hug*