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You best jump far


24 hours of snow. Judging from the weather reports it'll continue for a few more hours. Definitely the kind of day to just stay inside and drink hot cocoa and watch movies. We get to do it all over again tomorrow. Oh joy.

Hope the rest of you all are faring well.


Well it looks like I may be joining the snow party. They're calling for snow here tomorrow. Usually I wouldn't be too chuffed about it since that meant digging it out and driving in it but being unemployed cures all that. The sky looks and feels like snow.
It's been a very lazy day that's for sure.
i'm going through the same thing here too! we're supposed to have hurricane-force winds tonight on top of it all.

stay warm.
You stay warm. Hope you don't have to go out in that wind. You might blow away. ;)