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You best jump far

I love my Clementines. However they do not love me. I know this. My stomach knows this. My taste buds, however, have not been let in on this fact. Rae found them on sale and brought in two for me this morning. It's still early in the season. So they were a little bitter. Tart. I think. I can't describe it, they didn't taste like they should have. But my taste buds though fruit! we almost never get fruit. Let's devour these and enjoy. My stomach pays the price. Cursed taste buds.

Jack's hungry. Anyone got any goldfish?

I think I know what I'm going to say for Dom's birthday project. I was thinking about it in the shower tonight. Froda- am I introducing you?

Laura I got your letter. Thanks very much for thinking of me. I will write back- sooner or later.

My neck and shoulder is still stiff. I can't sleep very well.

I got writers group tomorrow. So won't be on till probably late.

Oh do you like my new icon? I did it all by me self. With just the basic paint program. I think it came out quite well. wouldn't you agree?


Your icon is boydiful.

Man those things are good...but I know what you mean by the stomach thing.
Damn, taste buds, well it's mostly the brain thinking "hey this is good we need this" but your stomach..man, why does the stomach always have to say the opposite.

Have fun in writer's group.

You can also have fun kicking my ass for not updating, but since barely anyone reads my story, it's not that big of a deal.....

I read it- But I except a kick ass scene when you do write again. =P
You are very welcome for your letter. I know how it is (writing back) and all...take your time, ma.

I'm still wondering what the hell I'm going to say to. I think I'm just gonna sing happy birthday. lol