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I should be a sleep...

... but instead I am fucking around with Youtube after having spent a better part of last evening renaming 13GB of video files I took at the con.

YouTube is being a bitch for me and not letting me upload more then 1 video at a time. Which means that the lovely I wanted to share with you will take a while as I cannot spend too much time this week uploading as I am in the middle of moving. Actually moving this Friday. I will be without an internet connection till Tuesday of next week. I am going to be like going through withdrawals. And I still haven't seen Watchmen. The movie I have been looking forward to ever since I first heard it was even being made.

But to balance it out. I had a kick ass weekend. Met some wonderful (and wonderfully strange-but-in-a-good-way) people.

These are the three vids that I've managed to upload so far.

First up is Misha on writing poetry. (NOT the poem)

Misha asked about character he would like to play and then recites his poem.

Misha being asked to when he thinks Castiel will smack some sense into Dean.

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