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Juilet base by nothing_to_say

Finally got around to doing things

Finally got around to doing my final unpacking and rearranging. Put up my curtains from my old apartment and discovered that they would actually look better in my mom's room.

Got my computer back. No clue what was actually wrong with it... it works now. Got a new 22" wide screen monitor on clearance. Caught up on all my shows except Kyle XY.

I finally got around to scanning my photo pix from Cherry Hill. Those will be after the jump if you is interested. Not resized, so not very dial-up friendly.

Misha is unbelievably cute in person. I think he was very overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Jim is like a big teddy bear. He was so soft, I didn't want to let go. He was doing what could only be called dancing in between each op.

Richard was very kind and sweet.

I was second in line for the photo op with Chad. It was Friday and I was having a very good hair day.

Gabe is so sweet and he just makes you smile when ever you're near.

I was so confused with who I should stand between, Jim finally grabbed my shoulders and said 'stand here' and he put his head on my shoulder. =D

Bonus: Mom's photo ops;

Mom absolutely loves Jim.

I love this picture. Misha looks like he's posing with his mom...

Bonus #2: My living apace

My desk. Well, my computer, mum's desk.


pics are just sweet and amazing! thank you so much!
Awwwwwwwwww! Love the pictures! I want to meet Misha and Jim so badly! *is jealous*

Awwww, all these pics ROCK!!!!

Misha looks like a sweetheart!!! And I love the one of him and your mom!! ^_^

MAN, now I can't wait for ChiCon... Got my Misha photo op ticket, gonna buy my Jim Beaver one soon.... GLORIOUSNESS!!!

Will you be writing a review of your time??