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TV rules my life

I am so in love with show. I had read the spoiler about who Alpha was going to be and up until the doctor said his name, I thought perhaps maybe the spoiler had been wrong. Alan is such an amazing actor. His alternate personality was so freaking hilarious.

Ballard is kind of an ass for being so single-minded about only getting Caroline/Echo out. I recognized in the earlier episodes that Echo was still trusts Langton versus her new handler.

I screamed at my TV when Alpha cut Victor. I adore Victor, especially in relation to Sierra.

I will be very unhappy with Fox if they cancel Dollhouse.

Misha, Misha, Misha. The Rapture was brilliant. I loved that they gave a back story to Castiel's vessel. The character of Jimmy was perfect. Funny, devoted, and most important, human. The writer(s) did really well with his character.

I knew that the beginning was a dream. I cannot picture Dean willingly fishing on a quiet serene lake.

Sam. *shakes head* Oh Sam. In the first season he was so innocent-like, that it's hard to believe the progression to the demon-blood drinking junkie psychic that he's become. He thinks he's doing the right thing and I go back to Pamela Barnes deathbed comment to Sam." You think you have good intentions? Think again."

I am so pleased that Dean and Bobby locked Sam away. Though next weeks episode looks like it is going to absolutely wreck me, I am pleased with the path Kripke is taking. Yeah, yeah... I know everyone wants brotherly love and the like, but ... I don't know. I just feel that the drama of seeing the boys come apart to go down different paths is the real draw of the show. Ever since the beginning they have been at odds over things and to me that just makes me want to watch.

NBC better not cancel Chuck either. Come on, the show is daring and Finally Zach Levi is coming into his own. Seeing him rescue his sister's wedding was perfect. Seeing him take on Orion's arm computer thingie was awesome. And of course seeing kick some ass... well that's just icing on the cake.

Also Casey in full commando gear... hot.

No offence to the actor that plays Bryce, but I am so glad the character is dead. Granted he was the reason Chuck was the intersect in the first place, he just irked me.

The world deserves another season of Chuck. I gave up on Heroes, so I'm all for Chuck.


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