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You best jump far

I won't say where- But I just watched Sniper470. I think I'm going to cry. Seriously. I felt Billy's isolation, his fear. Damn.

Now I need to An Insomniac's Nightmare and I'll be happy.


hmm so it was good then? I've only seen pictures and the few I saw were of him about to wank. *snickers* *hands you a tissue however, since you are so drained* What was the premise of the flick? I mean, obviously about a sniper, but what happens?
it's all about isolation and passing time till the next encounter. OMG. It was awesome. The more I think about it. But the end is killer. It's all about the look in his eyes.
i finally saw it, and it was sooo good. I agree. I felt so bad for him.
My God, that was such a good film (besides the obvious fact that Billy was the star of it, lol!) - yeah, the look in his eyes - sent chills down my spine! Quite a cleverly done film - enjoyed it immensely...

And you, Froda, and I have go to watch clips together, more often, lol!
Oh you lucky girl!!

I wants to watch it tooooooo!! :(
And it doesn't help that you think it's good. It makes this urge even worse. Meh!
OMG! I just read ulu's lj! Does that mean I can watch it, too??
Thursday 13th seems to be a lucky day! :)
Why does uni have to go until 6?? I want to go home! NOW!!!!
Billy? Our Billy?