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Pixie dust / refuge33

Tell me no secrets and I'll lie right to your face

Isn't she the cutest little thing?

She is a devil with the face of an angel.

Me and the babe.

My house. Taken before the new windows were put in.

Pretty irises growing in our back yard.

Cute little bunny.

This is the bird that just dive bombed me. I'm surprised it hung around, it wasn't afraid of me.

Went to the Grist Mill about two weeks ago. Pretty duck.

The other duck in the stream.

Took mom. She'd never been. We were looking for a cheap day out.

Trying to take artsy type pictures at the mill.

And because I know you all love looking at me...


Cool pictures! I love the bunny and ducks :)
The ducks were awesome. I must have taken about a dozen pictures of just them.
Cute kid!
And you have the prettiest eyes EVER. So blue!

I like all the animal/artsy pics as well. Very nice. :)

Thank you very muchly.
Yay pictures! I can't believe how blue your eyes are. They're almost Elijah-Wood-blue. So pretty.

Also: bunny!!
ooh how idyllic :D

i've always been jealous of people with blue eyes. brown eyes are just so...blah.