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Beach Day

Went to the Cape today. Ended up kind of all over. Falmouth, Wood's Hole, Hyannis, Chatham. It was hard to find the perfect place to eat. I wanted a seafood dinner on the water. Finally found a place. Then went searching for a beach. Did a little tour of the JFK Memorial.

Behind the cut are some of the picture we took today. They aren't resized... so yeah.

This is where we ate.

The view from outside the restaurant.

The JFK Memorial plaque. Looks just like the half dollar that bears his face.

The fountain at the memorial.

There were some beautiful flowers at the memorial.

Nice path.

The presidential seal on the other side of the memorial wall.

Me at the Korean War monument.

Felt very patriotic today.

Testing out my zoom.

From the beach in Wood's Hole.



I have a sunburn on my left arm from hanging it out the window while driving. The other side has only a little bit of color. My face has nice color. Well... That's it.
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