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You fugly / sinister_morgue

I know most my friends list has had their say about Michael Jackson dying.

I won't be in the majority of sentiments I've read.

You've been warned.

Ever since I was a little girl I never could understand the appeal of the man. Granted some of the songs in his repertoire are bearable, but I just never really liked him.

He's supposed to be the icon of my generation. The "King of Pop". Sorry. I don't agree. I never owned the Thriller album. Or any of his albums for that matter. I remember listening to Thriller at a friends house and just wasn't impressed. I enjoyed Vincent Price's contribution more then MJ. I loved Paul McCartney thanks to Thriller.

I didn't agree with the idea of treating a chimp like a kid or buying the Beatles catalogue. The rumor that he had bought Joseph Merrick's bones was something that really turned me off.

Musically, he was ... challenged. He had a chance to influence a whole generation with lyrics that could have spoke to the times. In my opinion he failed to.

His dancing style was emulated by millions, including the likes of the Corey's (natch). However the crotch grabbing was just crude and crass.

As far as his personal life... He may not have been convicted, but in my mind he was guilty of sexual abuse. I don't buy the bull that he hung out with children (particularly boys) because he was trying to relive his missed childhood years.

I won't miss the man. I can only hope that his children have not been tainted and they turn out to be well adjusted without his influence.

I just had to put my thoughts out there. I don't expect anyone to feel the same as I.


Meh, you're not alone. I'm not affected by his departure. I honestly never knew what to think about the reason he liked to hang out with little boys, whether that was a sexual thing or truly wanting to make up for his lost childhood. Likewise I never quite knew what to make of his plastic surgeries. But I never really loved his music, either, so I never felt compelled to come to a decision about what I thought. When I had a working mp3 I had one song of his on it, and I know Thriller, cause who doesn't, but meh. I am unmoved by his death. I can't believe people broke Google trying to find the latest updates.

I'm much sadder about Lorena Gale dying.