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Touch the Stars / ushitora-icons

33 Years ago today, my parents picked me up from the adoption agency and took me home. It's my "gotcha day"! Mom & dad took me to TGI Friday's and I proceeded to spill my dads soda all over the floor. Just missed him. *sighs* just my luck.

Doing well in school. Last test score was a 98%. Also been tutoring some of the girls in my class. So being kept busy.

I'd been meaning to post this... I have no idea what it means. But I thought it was amusing when I had riven by it...

Went to a BBQ this weekend. I didn't take many pictures...but this is definitely my favorite. It's Morgan and her daddy, Sean.

My former supervisor went and had a baby girl (obviously this baby girl)... She was just the cutest little thing.


Awww, "gotcha day" sounds so sweet! And congrats on the good grades! ♥

I think the church sign is a reference to those V8 commercials where someone does something stupid, followed by a sound effect (doink?), and the narrator says, "Could've had a V8."
You know that is very plausible. Still rather odd.