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Rock on Heavy Metal

Last day of school

Last day of classes. My interview for the externship is tomorrow morning. We got let out of school early and went to Piccadilly Pub. I took some pictures. You can find them on my Facebook. I think the link should work. I've never linked to my FB before...


omg, can I add you? or would that be too...personal? I don't know, i feel like i've known you forever (which I sort of have?) but I don't want to intrude.
Of course you can add me.

It'll be 7 years this year. My little ones have all grown up. *sniffle*
I know, it is crazy! It made me smile when Anthony suggested Dominic as a name, because I was like "That's so just...cute."
Well obviously he has good taste... =)
Good look with your interview :D

And congrats with your completion of classes :D
Thank you very much. I hope to find out soon.