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You best jump far

Lala like

The movements are so spot on. I love Dominic. I like him with the facial hair. I'm happy now.

Watching LotR FotR on cable. However it's weird not seeing it as the extended version. I need the extended version. Well since it's the only DVD I didn't pack, I think I might pop it in. Have it playing in the background while I do some packing. I've been trying not to overload my self on the movies. I want to be able to sit through Trilogy Tuesday with antisipation and patience.


hobbit overload make me go DEAD!
Yay! Hobbeatles! LOVE IT!

Btw., can you explain to me what or who the Reservoir Dogs are? I feel I'm missing out on something. *feels stupid once more*
the Resevoir Dogs is a very popular Quentin Tarantino movie. It's an absolute cult classic here in the USA. Bloody, gory and actually very funny
OMG i love that its adorable, your right la' dom's facial hair is yummy, now all we need do is fluff the hair that has'nt grown on me yet and he'll be the number #1 stunner..whats that...oh yeah he already was..