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You best jump far


From the L&BA forum- posted by elanthis

Good news from dominicmonaghan.org:

I just word from Juan, VP of Marketing, Development & Distribution for Jagged Edge Films, about the date for the release of An Insomniac's Nightmare.

"The new release date is set to be December 24th, 2003. That's right kiddies you can get your own copy of the film on Christmas Eve! I'd like to say that we at Jagged Edge Films are real sorry for the inconvience and delay in the release of the film. As we are very busy putting together our next film. We just have had a few difficulties that had to be dealt with before we released this monster to the general public.

The new packaging of the film is to include some outtakes of the film as well as the film itself. It would be availiable for purchase at any major webstore as well as at the Jagged Edge Films website and the dominicmonaghan.org website. Preordering will not be availiable for this title so get yours while its availible. This film was not intended for distribution but will be distributed for a limited time only.

For those of you who host a fan website or any website that would like to purchase a large amount to sell or give out on your site please e-mail juan.jimenez@thunderbolt-ent.com for more information on that matter. For those of you who would like to order one copy of the film please wait until the title goes on sale and purchase then. The title is being distributed internationally. So UK customer's purchase with no fear."

*writhes in delight*


*feels like a little girl again*

Is it Chrismas yet? Isitisitisitisit?
Sweet mother of god (er stel)
Christmas eve release omg, i have to con someone to give me money for christmas now