Lala (lalablue) wrote,

Tweet tweet

I don't tweet enough to care about lj cuts at this time.

20:41 I think ABC was too quick to cancel #flashforward. I hope they can at least do a two hour movie or mini series to wrap up the storyline. #

20:46 @Violetsinblue Yeah. Watching SPN over the summer. #

20:48 @nothingtosay Yeah that hiatus sucked. I forgot a few things myself. But since it's been back, I'm invested. ABC, man, it pisses me off. #

21:00 Oh Come on!!! #flashforward #

21:04 @nothingtosay I love a seas finale ending w/a cliffhanger. but not a series finale. ABC particularly has that problem. Remember Invasion? #

21:29 @nothingtosay My understanding was they had already finished filming when they got word. I think they expected a 2nd season. #

21:48 @nothingtosay Well, we can hope for the best. Right? :D #

15:34 I slept weird last night and now I have the worst knot in my neck & shoulder. #

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