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My journal is fixed

My thanks to Froda for getting my journal working properly again. Reminder to get her something real nice for her birthday or x-mas- which ever comes first.

What to tell you??? OMG- watched the ROTk trailer- I'm all excited now. Really anxious for x-mas to come so I can go watch this movie like 3 dozen times. Less then a month to TTT dvd. That will have to tide me over I guess.

I know my journal's kinda boring- but hey- I have virtually no life. What does happen to me - I really couldn't tell you. You wouldn't understand.

Look at this. How could someone not love a face like that? Beautiful smile. Enchanting eyes. The cute Scottish nose. No wonder this guy keep appearing my dreams.

anyhoo--- "life goes on in the shire, much as it has this past age..."

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