Lala (lalablue) wrote,

Tweet tweet

I don't tweet enough to care about lj cuts at this time.

18:53 I won the auction for another show banner... My mom is gonna kill me. #njcon #

21:41 Con is officially over. Had a wonderful weekend. Made some wonderful acquaintances & had a blast. More pics coming soon. #njcon #

22:07 Once again... more photos from this weekends con. #njcon #

22:39 Can I just say once more that Katherine is abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. #njcon #

23:59 @darksilvercat I am the one who yelled "porn". I got video of the whole exchange... I won't be able to upload till tomorrow tho. #

08:43 @darksilvercat Misha is a loss for words...The porn comment happens around 3 minutes in. #

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