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I know most of flist won't care...but behind the cut is all my Misha vids from the NJ con. These links will only be available to the public for one week. So get 'em while you can.

If you download, please comment. Even if anonymously.

Random vid

Poetry reading. Sorry about the orientation.

Being vegan, boogers & Spiderman or Batman

Quick bow

Food, con experiences, the trench coat, and who his favorite Cas is.

Genre, porn & at a loss for words

White house worship, 5th season finale character discussion, angel sword question, being hit on (or a story from his youth.) and a fan debates becoming a minion.

"Karla" and reaction to his involvement and interactions with Laura Prepon, and fan becoming a clone with hand measurements and hair samples. And of course a fan fic question.

A silly amount of time trying to get a fan to do an impression of Alastair.

Doing accents, making flower out of his tongue, wardrobe questions, animal = saurkraut, villians vs Cas, Keanu Reeves, dinner quest, and Keanu Reeves.
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