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You best jump far

I came. I saw. I squeed.

Did you see the pelvic thrusts? Oy, I think I just turned to a puddle of goo.
Seriously if I ever met them. Lala wouldn't be able to talk. Amy's got nerves of steel. She can do all the talking.

Debating for the weekend. I'm looking at the possibility of taking a train. I would just get lost in the city by myself.


Shake it, shake, shake it, shake, shake it - like a Polaroid picture...
Bloody 'L. I missed TRL :[ Figures. The dumbass show DOES serve a purpose, lol. Glad you saw it though and squeed :D
I did not. ;_; And I'm trying to download off MsA and her bandwidth is dead...

Where are you going? New York?


I've been online all day- it's pricier then I'd like it to be. But I'm really itching to go.
You should. I mean, you live so close! What if fate decides that you might ::run:: into Dominic? I love thinking about 'what if's'. What if you didn't go? What if you did? What if, if you don't go, you'll miss out on something spectacular? YOu know what I'm saying.

I wish I could help ya, out, La. You know I would. But I'm broke. I spent it all on my new snowboard and equip. Luv you!