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You best jump far

Does anybody else watch ER? OMG- I love this show. It just keeps getting better.

This is supposedly news... It's trash. And this is my rant about it taking up my valuable news time.

You probably don't care, but I have an opinion on Micheal Jackson. We all knew about him ten years ago when he paid hush money to that other kid. Was this really a big surprise? And how could a reasonable parent of half a brain allow their child within ten feet of the man? They see fame and money and think he is just trying to recapture his childhood....puh--leeze. The guy has deep seeded issues and deserves to be in jail. His kids need to be taken away and shown the real world, without masks.

But then again, I am a lolley little pion and my opinions don't amount to jack.



*gives standing ovation* AMEN, sista La! Absolutely, completely, 100% agree with you! Who give a shit about Michael Jackson?! His music was cool, but he's just damn creepy and needs a lot of help! My God, whatever happened to other important issues that matter??