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You best jump far

Seriously- must lay of the sugar before bedtime.

First distrubing dream was about Jack- Someone put him in the sink and the let the water drain out- and he was just stuck in the drain. I freaked. Woke up... fell back to sleep and

second disturbing dream was me going out shopping with Elijah (of all people?) and we were being chased around the store by three totally deformed scorpions. Woke up shaking and fell back to sleep for

Third distrubing dream. Found myself wandering the halls of a hospital and seemed to be the grim reaper. Because i'd stop at a room and the persons in bed would just die.

This is my mind- welcome to the Insanity.


Wow....the hospital one is rather disturbing. Deformed Scorpions? Could that be me chasing you? lol
You really should get some sleep, there Lala. Though I can't blame you. I hardly ever have sleep.